Mavis fears that she'll never see Victor when he moves. Vera arranges to meet Jack at the Rovers, through the "agency". The Ogdens go to the chip shop and tell Avril Carter that as Archie's next of kin the chip shop is theirs. Hilda is amazed at the amount of money taken over the counter. Avril throws them out, threatening them with the police. Victor secures the cottage and arranges to transfer his work to Saddleworth. Vera dons a red wig to pose as "Carole Munro". Jack dresses up in his "Vince St. Clair" outfit to meet her. On seeing that Carole is really Vera, he is horrified as all the Rovers' regulars look on and laugh. Vera chases him out of the pub, attacking him with her handbag. Victor tells Mavis the cottage is big enough for two. He invites her to join him on a trial marriage.


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