Rita doesn't know how to tell Mavis that if she moves to Saddleworth she'll have to give up her job as the flat goes with it. Hilda tells Avril Carter she's got no rights to the shop and is trespassing. She gives her a week to get out. Rita tells Mavis she'll have to give up The Kabin if she moves. Ken worries that he won't be able to answer the letters but Pamela Mitchell talks him into doing the Agony Uncle column on a trial basis. Mavis tells Victor that she can't face the idea of living in sin. She tries to talk herself into agreeing. Victor suggests she looks at the cottage again, this time as a future home. Avril shows Hilda a ring and tells her she was Archie's fiancée and were already cohabiting; as his common-law wife she has a larger claim on the shop.


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