Ken offers Mr Wadsworth £21,500 for his house. Albert tells the Barlows that he will move with them. Hilda counts on getting £10,000 for the shop and tells Annie that she's definitely leaving. Annie has the pub cleaned from top to bottom and buys flowers to arrange around the bar before the Brewery's inspection. Fred dresses up to impress Sarah Ridley but Annie asks him to take a day's holiday so that he won't show her up. Hilda cleans the Rovers for the last time and tells Annie she's glad to leave. Annie tells her that she had intended to give her an extra 25p an hour so Hilda agrees to stay on. Sarah Ridley and George Newton call at the Rovers. They drink in the bar to see how trade is. Annie greets them with surprise. Hilda's solicitor tells her that Archie Crabtree had debts and her inheritance will only be about £2,000. She is disappointed. Ken agrees to buy the Buxton Close house for £21,750. Deirdre is thrilled. George Newton chats Elsie up and tells her that she'd be an ideal landlady. Fred offers to take Sarah out but she snubs him. Sarah advises Annie to stick to her spit and sawdust trade and to lose the flowers on the bar. The Barlows enthuse about the move but Albert tells them he realises that he can't leave No.1 as it's his home. He's sorry.


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