Hilda decides to spend her inheritance on carpets. Deirdre is depressed at the prospect of living in Albert's museum of a house forever. Ken tells her that they'll move with or without Albert. He tells Albert they'll be moving in two weeks. Albert offers to leave him No.1 in his will but Ken doesn't want to upset Beattie Pearson. Hilda is amazed that a new carpet will cost over £400. Elsie is furious to discover Suzie has been putting shopping on her slate. Suzie gets annoyed when Gail accuses her of being jealous of her family. Suzie tells her about her marriage but Gail refuses to believe it was a marriage as it only lasted three months. Suzie advises her to keep an eye on her precious family in case someone lures Brian away. Albert shocks Ken by telling him that he'll give him No.1 and they can do what they like with it, so long as they stay together.


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