Episode 2330
Episode 2330
Production code P694/1330
ITV transmission date 1st August 1983 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Bob Mason
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Charlie Nairn
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 27th July 1983
Next episode 3rd August 1983


The Tilsleys wait up all night waiting for Bert. Ivy blames herself for leaving him on his own. The Duckworths' landlord wants to knock their house at 20 Inkerman Street down to build flats. He offers them £1,000 to vacate. They ask Alf to find a council house for them but Alf refuses to get involved. Chalkie gives his job up and takes early retirement. Phyllis is stunned when he tells her that he hopes to stay in Australia for six months. The Tilsleys refuse to tell anyone that Bert is missing. Ivy fears he'll never return as Bert has taken his favourite photograph and their holiday money with him. Kitty Earnshaw tells Hilda that she's her only friend. She tells her that her husband drinks and is hateful. She asks Hilda to tell her the secret of her happy marriage. When PC Maskall calls at No.5 for a photograph of Bert, Ivy worries about what the neighbours will say. Jack wants to spend the £1,000 on a new car now that the tax people are after him and he has to do the taxis full-time but Vera wants to use the money as a house deposit. She arranges for them to view No.9 even though their son, Terry, isn't impressed with the Street. Hilda tries to give Mrs Earnshaw marriage guidance. She also gives her £5 to buy some food for her husband.


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