Episode 2358
Episode 2358
Production code P694/1358
ITV transmission date 7th November 1983 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Tom Elliott
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eric Deakins
Director David Carson
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 2nd November 1983
Next episode 9th November 1983


The disco-goers cause sleepless nights for the residents. Percy tries to worm his way into Emily's affections by doing jobs around the house for her. Elsie is roughed up and pushed about by drunks from the disco. Curly cuts his thumb on glass in Emily's rubbish. Emily feels responsible and dresses the wound for him. Fred hears from Eunice that she wants a divorce. Ken decides to write a piece in the Weatherfield Recorder slamming the Graffiti Club. Emily is surprised that Curly has good qualifications but works on the bins. She contemplates taking a student in as a lodger as she's so lonely. Sally Waterman warns Ken that he has to be careful what he says about the club as it advertises in the paper. Ken writes an article criticising the disco. Mike tells him that he wants to take out more full-page advertisements. Ken agrees but Mike wants him to write a piece praising the club.


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