Episode 2363
Episode 2363
Production code P694/1363
ITV transmission date 23rd November 1983 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Tom Elliott
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Patrick Lau
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 21st November 1983
Next episode 28th November 1983


Alf worries that Bet is taking up with Des again. He warns her to be careful. Ken is ashamed when the Weatherfield Recorder is printed. Deirdre thinks it's amusing that Ken has had to flatter Mike so much. Ken calls Mike "The Debonair Dynamo of Denim". Des is amused by the way Bet is playing around with him. Eddie tries to organise a mortgage. The neighbours tell Ken they were depending on him to take up the battle for them. He tells them there's no proof that the disco-goers caused the troubles. Mike winds Ken up by thanking him for the wonderful article. Des tells Bet that Edith Foster wants him to go back to her. Bet tells him it's nothing to do with her. She tells him that all he's good for is a laugh now and again. The doctors want to release Winifred Willis but she won't be able to look after herself. Marion realises she'll have to nurse her.


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