Episode 2370
Production code P694/1370
ITV transmission date 19th December 1983 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Tom Elliott
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Mary McMurray
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 14th December 1983
Next episode 21st December 1983


Rita goes through Len's clothes. She finds a beer mat with a Bolton phone number written on it. Curly sees Sharon and falls for her. Deirdre sorts out the paperwork at the Yard for Rita. Fred tells Jack that he could show him how to look after his pigeons. They agree to race a couple, putting £10 down each. Elsie is fed up that Ivy has been made supervisor again. She contemplates leaving the factory. Remembering George Newton thought she'd be an ideal landlady, she arranges an interview at the brewery. Mike is annoyed when Elsie takes time off and reprimands her. She resigns from the factory. Sharon is interested in Terry. Rita phones the Bolton number and gets a woman, she tells her that Len is dead. When Rita says who she is, a Mrs Proctor puts the phone down.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




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