Jed prepares the Mission Hall for the Over 60's Club social and Doreen is amused that he's agreed to be caller at the bingo session for them. Jerry thinks Elsie's fire is coming away from the wall. Christine gives Concepta Esther's flat address so she can visit when she moves in with her. Minnie looks forward to the social. Elsie grows suspicious of Doreen when she asks if she'd found out any more about the letter. Len presents Albert with a tray he's made as a prize for the Over 60's bingo. Trying to matchmake, Jerry sends Len to No.11 to look at the fire. Elsie resolves to pursue Doreen about the letter. Christine tells a startled Frank she doesn't want to live in the Street when they are married. Elsie finds Doreen in the Mission and gets it out of her that Len was after the landlord's address. Christine packs the last of her things and moves out of No.11. She and Esther part on good terms with Elsie. Len arrives to look at the fire and gets a frosty welcome. Doreen, Sheila and Jerry are at a loose end what to do for the evening and decide on the cinema. The pensioners enjoy Jed's bingo and Minnie wins the tray. Len fixes the fire and explains to Elsie that he wrote to Wormold about repairs to his own house. He is hurt that she suspected him and walks out on her. Elsie is angry with herself. The dancing at the social goes well. The cinema goes badly wrong for Jed, Jerry, Sheila and Doreen goes wrong when they are late for the showing and they go afterwards to Jackson's Chip Shop. The pensioners give Swindley a round of applause when he makes a speech at the end of the social. After they have all left the hall, Jed, Jerry, Sheila and Doreen move in with their own records collected from the flat and twist into the night. The music disturbs Fred at the chip shop and, thinking it's the Over 60's, he says he's going to complain to the police tomorrow about Swindley.


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