Bill keeps pestering Rita to let him rent the Yard until she gives in and agrees. Mike gets a letter from Maggie's solicitor. He is upset that an ex-lover has become his enemy. Bet tries to help him and advises him to let go of Mark before he gets hurt even more by Maggie. Bet calls on Maggie and tells her that Mike has a right to see Mark. Maggie accuses her of trying to worm her way back into Mike's affections. The brewery contact Annie and decide that Fred is to be appointed temporary manager of the Rovers. She informs Fred by phone from Derby. Maggie tells Mike that she doesn't want Mark torn between two fathers. Mike gives her an endowment policy for Mark to have when he's eighteen. She agrees to give it to him on the condition that Mike leaves them alone - he agrees. Fred takes charge of his bar as "mine host" and makes Bet and Betty do all the serving.


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