Stan receives his £200 compensation. Ken constructs a good food guide from the local pubs for the Weatherfield Recorder. Rita realises that she's at the wholesaler's mercy without a car. Stan wants to hang onto the £200 but Hilda puts it in the bank. Fred decides to lay on hot lunches to impress Ken into writing the Rovers up in his good food guide. Rita looks over a Cortina which Mr Heslop is selling. Fred tests all the pies on sale at the Rovers. Rita thinks £1,900 is too much for the Cortina. Mr Heslop tells her that he needs the money for his wife's operation. Fred orders pies from Cowards'. Betty warns him that they're third-rate pies. He needs to use cheaper pies as he wants to include peas. Brian sees Heslop trying to sell Rita the car and recognises him as a crooked dealer. He warns Rita that he's bent but Rita's already paid half of the money.


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