Hilda leaves the Graffiti Club when the staff is reorganised. Fred spends the night in hospital. Bet and Betty think it hysterical that he's been poisoned with his own pies. Ken writes up about the Rovers' food in the Weatherfield Recorder, saying how awful it is. The hospital tell Bet and Betty that Fred has appendicitis. Billy Walker returns to the Street at his mother's request, to save the pub. He isn't pleased to be back. Brian finds Rita a Fiesta Saloon for £2,750. Billy is furious about Fred serving rotten pies and that Ken has written a slamming report. Rita wants to put Mavis down on her insurance as a co-driver but Mavis doesn't like the idea of learning to drive. Percy complains to Billy about the terrible food served at the Rovers. He blames Annie for being an absentee landlady. Billy tells him that he's in charge now and bars Percy from the pub.


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