Mavis comes down with a streaming cold. She tries to get better in time for the concert. Ivy doesn't like Arthur's possessive attitude. She fears he's set his sights on her and she doesn't like him that way. He gives her flowers and tells her that he'll pick her up for bingo without giving her a chance to say she doesn't want to see him. Bill can't afford insurance and finds it hard to start up without any financial backing. He wants to do a job for Mike but needs some capital before he can start. Mike refuses to pay him before he starts. Billy decides to return to Jersey as Fred is coming back. Arthur is all over Ivy. She tells him she's not ready for a relationship and she doesn't want to see him again. He accuses her of leading him on and feels that Brian has put her off. Dick Lewis gets ready for the concert in Mavis' flat. She is too ill to attend it. She is embarrassed when Alan Livesey calls on her and finds Dick putting on his trousers.


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