Fred goes to stay with his sister as he has pneumonia. Curly enjoyed his date with Elaine Pollard. He feels that she's smitten. Betty takes charge of the Rovers and tells Kath Goodwin that she won't be able to start work. The brewery sends Frank Harvey to take over the Rovers as temporary manager. Bet and Betty are annoyed that they aren't trusted to run the pub. Bet tries to chat Frank up to get him to take her to the dance. Ken is bothered by a distressed woman, Mrs Glover, who keeps writing to "Dear K" in the Weatherfield Recorder. Ken writes back and tells her that he is "K" and tells her he can't help her anymore. Curly can't get Elaine out of his thoughts. He writes her a love poem. Terry and Kevin decide to keep their dates to foursomes. Frank takes Kath on the staff and tells her they should stick together. She agrees to go to the brewery dance with him. Bet is furious.


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