The Barlows plan an Easter Monday outing to Tatton Park which has to be cancelled as Ken is summoned to the hospital. The canal trip starts as a laugh but everyone soon gets bored as the boat can only go at 5mph. Vera tries to lure Jack into bed. He agrees on the condition she makes him some chips. The gang desert Curly for a pub. He stays with the boat so it won't be stolen. The girls refuse to go home on the canal so Terry and Kevin take them back on the bus leaving Curly to return the boat. Deirdre is annoyed that the family's Bank Holiday has been ruined. Ken tells her that Christine Glover is mentally ill; the events she described all happened three years ago. Elaine feels sorry for Curly and returns to help him take the boat back. When they haven't returned by nightfall, Emily fears for their safety.


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  • This Easter Monday episode was transmitted at 7.10pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Curly Watts and the gang embark on a canal cruise - but most of the crew deserts. Ken and Deirdre Barlow's day out is ruined when Ken gets an SOS.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,922,000 viewers (8th place). This somewhat low figure in comparison to surrounding episodes is explained by this edition being transmitted on Easter Monday - a public holiday.
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