Jack has a load of shower units which he tries to sell. Brian is full of his new friend Gary Dewhurst. He tries to get Gail to join them at the club but she is upset that he doesn't want to spend his evenings with the family. Mr Barker tells Bill that the chapel committee don't want him to complete his work. Bill is furious as he's laid out money. Vera tells Terry that she'll go to prison if she doesn't find £400. She asks him to give her his holiday money. He refuses to give it to her. He is fed up of not having any home comforts. Emily feels awful that Bill has been taken off the chapel job. Bill agrees to take five of Jack's shower units on sale or return. Brian buys a leather jacket from Gary. Gail is annoyed that he's spent £50 on it. Bill discovers that the Police have informed the chapel committee that they suspect him of theft; they believe he stole the fittings from the corporation. Terry leaves home. Vera is upset that Jack didn't try to stop him. To the dismay of the staff who remember him from his disastrous relief job in 1981, Gordon Lewis replaces Frank Harvey at the Rovers.


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