Terry settles into No.13 as the Ogdens' lodger. Gordon Lewis moves his stuff into the Rovers. He tells Bet and Betty that this time they're going to do everything he says. Rita wonders why Bill lost the chapel job. Alf is re-elected as Councillor. Vera is furious to discover that Terry is living with Hilda. She accuses Hilda of enticing Terry away. Hilda tells her that she drove Terry out of the house with her mouth. Brian and Gary Dewhurst arrange a foursome to keep Gail happy, but Gail feels they're in different leagues financially. Terry refuses to leave No.13. Vera swears that things would be different if he returned home but Terry is adamant. Vera calls Hilda a child-stealer. Bill is annoyed when Rita questions him about the Police calling on him. He tells her to stay out of his life.


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