Hilda enjoys looking after Terry as Stan is ill upstairs in bed. Terry is annoyed when Stan uses him as a bookie's runner. Kevin worries that Rita will throw Bill out of the Yard. He swears to Rita that Bill is not a thief and pleads with her not to evict him. The Police tell Bill they've caught the lead thieves. Bill is furious that Kevin has apologised to Rita for him. Billy returns to the Rovers as he had to leave Jersey. He intends to live in the pub but is happy for Gordon Lewis to run the place. Mr Barker apologises to Bill for not trusting him and offers him the chapel job back. The Tilsleys go to a casino with the Dewhursts. Gail and Brian feel out of their depths. Bet is furious when Gordon makes her wear less revealing dresses, telling her that she's too old to flaunt herself. Bill apologises to Kevin for shouting at him. Rita makes the peace with Bill. Gail doesn't like the way that Gary keeps touching her.


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