Stan celebrates his 65th birthday in bed. Bet advises Gordon Lewis to find out from the brewery why Billy is back. Terry finds himself giving Stan money to place bets. Ivy is disappointed that the Tilsleys are going on holiday with the Dewhursts. Gail doesn't like the sound of topless beaches. Terry returns home, telling Hilda he feels that it's his duty to live there. Hilda makes him admit living at No.13 was like living with his parents. Billy, Emily and the Barlows attend Albert's funeral. Beattie Pearson goes through his things and gives Ken his Military Medal. Brian accuses Gail of being a killjoy as she's reluctant to go to Spain. She tells him that she wants a family holiday. He agrees. Gordon accuses Bet of sending him into a trap; the brewery did not know Billy was back but as he is Gordon must leave. Bet is delighted. Vera is thrilled to have Terry back. Terry tells Jack that they should split the TV licence money three ways. Jack agrees. Vera hears noises at No.11 and, with Ivy, knocks on the door. They find that Linda Cheveski has moved in.


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