Bet meets Vinny Morris from Strangeways and gives him £20. Bill repairs all the rotten wood at No.11. Eddie phones Hilda with the news that Marion has had a 9lb 2oz girl. Bet feeds Vinny and is flattered when he chats her up. He tells her he can't trust himself to be alone. She falls for his line and takes care of him. Billy tries to interest Mike in buying his wine bar and pays him the money he owes him. Bet begins to worry as Vinny makes sexual overtones towards her. Eddie phones her and asks her why she didn't pick Vinny up; her Vinny was an imposter. Bet is furious when he runs off. Billy flirts with Deirdre, taking advantage of Ken being away. Betty finds the till is £50 down and realises Billy took the money to pay Mike back.


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Hilda Ogden: "When a Tanner does sommat what looks normal, keep yer eyes skinned for a rat wi' clogs on."

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