Linda takes a job behind the bar of The Flying Horse. Brian lets Jack have his car back. He is annoyed when Mavis only gives him £32 for the damage she caused. The Weatherfield Recorder receives lots of letters about UFO's. Ken gives them to Curly to reply to. Dave Burgess tracks Linda down. Brian repossesses Jack's car behind his back; he fears that Jack will never pay the outstanding £100. Dave wants to know why Linda left him. She tells him that he never gave her any space; he suffocated her. He wants her back but she feels it would never work out. Jack demands his car off Brian as he can't work without it. Radio Weatherfield interview Curly about his UFO spotting. Curly is nervous but soon warms to his subject. Dave accuses Linda of having another man. She throws him out. Bill wants to know if she's going to vacate the house. He takes her to the Rovers. Dave sees them together and accuses Bill of being her lover. He calls Linda a lousy tart and shouts at her. Bill warns him off and Billy throws him out. Bill accuses Linda of setting him up.


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