Episode 2427
Episode 2427
Production code P694/1427
ITV transmission date 4th July 1984 (Wednesday)
Stories by Tom Elliott
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eric Deakins
Roy Graham
Director Ric Mellis
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 2nd July 1984
Next episode 9th July 1984


Mike urges the girls to be more competitive and wants them to be more work-conscious like the Japanese. Billy organises a Pub Olympics in the Street against The Flying Horse to raise funds for Emily's appeal. Percy volunteers himself to head the committee for the Street Olympics. He is put out when Alf is appointed over him. Percy has to settle for deputy. Alf is thrilled to see Audrey again but is disappointed to hear that she's engaged. Mike has a meeting with a Japanese business man, in view of the machinists. Ivy worries what he's up to. The Pub Olympics committee - Emily, Mavis, Alf, Percy, Curly and Billy sort out the contest. They agree on a talent contest for the evening. Mavis is nominated as concert organiser, much to her horror. Mike tells the girls they have a lot to learn from the Japanese in their attitudes to work. He tells them that from now on he's going to make sure they work constantly. Audrey tells Gail that Alf is the only man who was good to her but George Hepworth loves her and she's glad that he wants to marry her. Percy volunteers his services to Mavis as a farmyard impersonator. Ivy feels out of things now Audrey is getting married.


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