Sally is annoyed that Ken has kept her article out of the paper. He cuts her piece down to two paragraphs. Derek returns to the area, having decided that he'd like to see Mavis again. Betty doesn't want to spend another night alone at the Rovers. Ken tells Sally that he appreciates her talent but he has to protect the newspaper from libel cases. She accuses him of being too worried about upsetting Alf. Sally phones the Gazette and tells them about Alf stopping the plaza because of his feelings for Rita. Deirdre finds out and tells Ken he should fire Sally for going behind his back. Percy offers to guard the Rovers for Betty at night. She agrees. Mavis doesn't want to see Derek again; he'll only ruin her life again. Derek waits for her in the Rovers hoping she'll call in but she doesn't. Percy spends the night on the sofa in the Rovers' living room. Betty hears someone in the bar and gets Percy to investigate. Percy panics so Betty investigates. She finds someone has pulled a pint and left it on the bar.


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