Percy spreads it around that he saw off a hoard of burglars from the Rovers. Ken tells Sally that he knows she gave her story to the Gazette. He rows with her for giving the information to another paper. Derek sends Mavis flowers with a note begging her to have dinner with him. Mavis decides to see him out of curiosity. Ken tells Sally that if she goes against him again he'll fire her. Derek takes Mavis to a Spanish restaurant and tells her that he's moved up in the world. Deirdre is annoyed that Ken hasn't sacked Sally; she told Ken about Alf blocking the plaza in confidence. When Percy goes on about the gang who raided the Rovers, Jack confesses it was him scaring Percy. Derek gives Mavis the canteen of cutlery, telling her that he should have let her keep it years ago. He tells her that he has a lot to make up to her for.


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