Episode 2436
Episode 2436
Production code P694/1436
ITV transmission date 6th August 1984 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Tom Elliott
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Gareth Morgan
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 1st August 1984
Next episode 8th August 1984


Fred returns from his holiday camp break. Alma Sedgewick is in America with a boyfriend and she wants Gail to run the cafe as manageress. Gail is shocked and doesn't know if she can work full-time. Mavis is impressed by the new Derek. Gail likes the idea of running the cafe but Brian reminds her that the garage comes first and someone has to look after Nicky. Billy returns from Derby. Fred is annoyed as he thought that he would be back in charge. Mavis entertains Derek to some home-cooking. He invites her to his house for his birthday - the next day. She longs for him to be passionate but he kisses her goodnight on the cheek. Billy tells the staff that Annie has talked him into taking the Rovers over; she has retired and he is licencee. Gail tells Brian that she wants to take the job. Brian refuses to give her the support she needs.


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