Debbie accuses Bill of sexual discrimination as he let Kevin leave school. Bill maintains that she must return. Hilda offers to sell Stan's window round to Fred for £150. Fred laughs in her face. Bill insists that the family have meals together and upsets Kevin by dragging him out of the Rovers. Mavis admits to Rita that she's frightened of marriage. Debbie tells Bill that he can't expect her to run a house and gets CSE's as well. Mavis decides to turn Derek down as she isn't sure that she loves him. Billy gives Fred the afternoon off to look for work and discovers he's gone to the races. Bill feels guilty about the way he has heaped burdens on Debbie. He agrees to her leaving school on the condition that she finds a job before term starts. Billy tells Fred he's not letting him skive off and he has until the end of the week to get out. Fred tells Billy that he is entitled to severance pay if he's sacked. Billy refuses to pay him compensation so Fred refuses to leave. Mavis can't bring herself to turn Derek down. He declares he loves her so she lets him believe she will marry him.


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