Martha sees Len arriving at No.11 and asks what he's doing there, saying Elsie's making an exhibition of herself over the rent matter. Val thinks Lucille's supposed crush on Ken is amusing. Albert takes Swindley to task for the incorrect advice he gave Elsie. Len changes the lock on Elsie's door where within she has prepared for a siege with lots of tins of food. A saddened Minnie feels the pinch with Jed gone and the rent increase. She asks Val for her hairdressing club money of thirteen shillings and sixpence back as the gas bill is due. Her tears go unseen as Concepta tactlessly asks for an appointment for her own hair. Concepta also tells Val that the photo wasn't for Lucille, who has confessed to her that it was for Ken's own pupils. At Bessie Street School, Rita Spears tries to chat to Ken. Delighted, she picks up a book that he absentmindedly drops. Minnie offers a grateful Elsie bits of furniture if hers is taken away. Elsie tells Minnie that she's had the locks changed and shows her the new key, but it's the old one and she realises she's locked herself out instead. Later on in the day, Harry gleefully tells Jack that Len had to break in for her. Swindley overhears their conversation and feels guilty for his part in the affair. He decides to apologise to Elsie. Val tells Ken that Lucille doesn't have a crush on him and that it's Rita. He's not concerned as school has broken up for Easter. Elsie thinks Mr. Riding is at the door when Swindley knocks and pushes an abusive note through the letter box. Harry tells Jack that Jed has sent him the £22 and ten shillings he owes him. He orders two bottles of wine for Monday as they have friends coming round. Martha thinks he's getting ideas above his station but goes on to boast about her Lily's rise through the classes. Elsie argues with the menfolk in the Rovers when she doesn't think they have supported her enough and wonders what they'll do for her when the bailiffs arrive tomorrow. Ken tells Val that Rita is a flat-chested adolescent but on the pretext of returning the book, the young lady nervously turns up at No.9, dressed to kill.


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Elsie Tanner: "Trouble and me have pals, Mr Walker, ever since I sucked me first dummy."

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