Sgt Richie of the police calls on Percy to apologise and commend him for his home watch. Percy is bitter and thinks people will think of him as a criminal. Mavis is full of nerves as she's snowed under with wedding preparations. Derek introduces her to his best man, Carl Stanton. The residents beg Percy to continue his home watch but he refuses. Mavis gets emotional when she serves her last newspaper after eleven years. Alf is voted by the residents to persuade Percy to change his mind. When the residents tell Percy how much they appreciate his efforts, he agrees to give the scheme another go. Derek refuses to go to a strip club on his stag night and drinks halves of shandy instead. Terry tries to wind Percy up and tells him he reported him to the police but he is disappointed when he commends him on his vigilance. Mavis gets upset at her noisy hen party and tells Rita that she is nervous about the next day.


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