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Episode 245
Production code P228/245
ITV transmission date 17th April 1963 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer Peter Eckersley
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Howard Baker
Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 15th April 1963
Next episode 22nd April 1963


As the bailiffs begin to empty No. 11, Concepta feels the event brings shame on the street, voicing concerns as to what friends to No. 7 later that day will say. Elsie rails at Dennis for letting the bailiffs in. Dennis is appalled when they take the television and Elsie sends him to the Rovers to ring the pressmen. Minnie and Albert question him why he's returned from London. Ena, Martha and Minnie gawp at the eviction and Ena and Elsie swap insults. Elsie blames them for not standing against the increase. When she hears the press photographers are coming she feels that she's made her point and gives them the money. The furniture is replaced and she is forced to pay the bailiff's charges. Dennis tells Elsie he is back to stay though he is evasive about what he got up to in London. Rita feels put out when Ken avoids her. Dennis advises Jerry to go out with another girl to get Sheila jealous. Jerry spots Rita across the street. Harry and Concepta's friends fail to turn up. Dennis reveals Lenny wants to open a club in part of the factory. Sheila gets upset when Jerry goes off with Rita. Ena thinks Elsie gave in too easily. Elsie tells the neighbours off for allowing the landlords to ride roughshod over them all. Jerry shows her off in the Rovers. When Ken identifies her as a schoolgirl to Jack, he tells Jerry who marches her outside and lectures her. The regulars ponder what Dennis has returned for.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Martha Longhurst: "They can't take 'er bed nor the tools of 'er trade."
Ena Sharples: "No an' as far as Elsie Tanner's concerned, it's the same thing!"

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