Hilda is hopeful that Stan will soon be home when he has a "comfortable" night in hospital. Betty warns Billy that he'll lose his licence if he continues to open after hours. Bet begins to feel that Tony Cunliffe is avoiding her. She plans to invite him round for a meal so Betty tells her Tony took Rita out. Tony tells Rita that he wants to see more of her but she is frightened of getting too involved. Elaine Prior cuts Debbie's hair. They get on well. Bet calls on Rita and asks her what she's playing at going out with Tony. Rita tells her Tony told her that he was a free agent. Bet swears they're an item and accuses Rita of getting her claws into him. She begs Rita not to go out with Tony again. Percy introduces Elaine to Mike in the hope a romance will start but she is more interested in Bill. He buys her drinks after hours at the Rovers. The Police call at the Rovers and accuse Billy of selling alcohol after hours. Everyone has to report their names. Bill, Elaine, Fred, Jack and Ken are booked. The hospital phones Hilda, via Alf, to tell her that Stan has died. She is stunned.


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