Hilda returns to work as she's sick of moping about. Sarah Ridley summons Billy to the brewery. She asks him about his after-hours serving. He tries to charm her but she isn't interested. She tackles him about his low spirit sales as she knows he's been buying spirits cut price instead of from the brewery. She regrets giving him the licence. He suggests that she buys him out and she agrees. They toast the end of the Walker empire. Vera tells Hilda that she'd like to buy Stan's old round but Jack refuses to take it on. Vera refuses to cook for him unless he agrees. Debbie gets Kevin out of the house so Bill and Elaine can get together. Bet and Betty worry about who will take over the Rovers.


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Billy Walker: "There are Walkers and Walkers. I'm not your genial innkeeper. Like me mum and me dad were. Well, not this sort of inn anyway. Now something on the Champs Elysee with five stars after its name and that would be a very different matter."

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