Terry hires Jack's car for £5 to move some furniture for money. Gail feels in the way of Audrey's love-life. She thinks that Brian doesn't care as he doesn't get in contact with her. Terry and Curly plan to go into the removal business. Terry plans to buy Jack's car, do it up and sell it to buy a van. Wilf Starkey turns himself into a walking sports manual for the "Brainiest Pub" contest but the Brewery says he can't be on the team as he works for them. Terry and Curly are paid £10 for the removal. The car breaks down on the way. Percy replaces Wilf on the team. Wilf accuses him of reporting him to the Brewery. Gail and Nicky move into a bedsit. Ivy is angry that Brian hasn't seen Gail. He agrees to see her to stop Ivy's nagging. Terry offers Jack £500 for the car. Brian arrives at Audrey's to find Gail has left, thinking that their marriage is over.


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