Terry treats the car as purely his. Connie gives Vera a bill for £38.50 for the dress. Vera is furious as everyone laughed at her in it. Rita, Mavis and Emily go to the Bird Sanctuary. Bet tells Rita that she must be getting desperate and past it. Curly and Kevin call Terry selfish for hogging the car. He calls them kids. George takes Ivy to Halifax on a delivery. Vera tells Connie that she hates the dress and the bill is too much. She offers her £20 but Connie demands the full amount. Kevin takes the rota-arm from the car so Terry can't take Andrea out. Harry rows with Jack when he points out that Connie owes him £4.50 window money.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tea for two at the Tilsleys after a surprise day out for Ivy. Tactless Jack Duckworth gets more than he bargains for when he sets out to collect some window-cleaning money.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,750,000 viewers (2nd place).

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Connie Clayton (to Vera Duckworth): "You would make a Paris model look like a dishcloth."

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