Curly spends the night looking for Halley's Comet making it impossible for Kevin to sleep. Ken takes up jogging. Emily tries to involve Kevin more in the household routine and gives him the silver to polish. The St. Lukes rugby team's minibus breaks down so George can't get the team to the game. Ivy uses her factory keys to get the firm's van. Terry and Andrea leave notes for each other in the ginnel. Andrea asks him to fix up her friend Michelle Robinson with a lad for a double date. Kevin goes with him and can't believe his luck when Michelle turns out to be a real looker. Ivy has a black eye after fighting the mother of one of the opponents. She tells George that she took the van without Mike's knowledge and now it's covered in graffiti.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 6:35pm due to The European Cup Winners' Cup Final following.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ivy delights George when she solves a transport problem. But there's no delight in the consequences and problems loom larger than ever. Andrea develops an elaborate plan to deceive her parents. Where does Terry fit in? Why is Kevin involved?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,750,000 viewers (2nd place).
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