Harry leaves milk for the Duckworths. Vera claims a victory. Terry reveals that he paid the bill and Vera is furious. Kevin fears Michelle is too nice for him. The Tilsleys decide to take the Council house. Vera calls Terry a traitor and demands that he tells the Claytons about the bill. Hilda throws Percy out of No.13 for checking up on Kevin's living conditions on Emily's behalf. Connie is furious that Terry paid the bill. Wilf Starkey writes a book on human nature. Kevin sells the car for £900. Malcolm Nuttall accuses Kevin of poaching Michelle. Kevin tells him that Michelle doesn't want to see him anymore. He refuses to listen, even when Michelle tells him she's going out with Kevin. Andrea returns the money to Terry and tells him that she doesn't want to see him again until her 'A' Levels are over. Kevin fights Malcolm to sort him out. Malcolm can't believe that Michelle prefers Kevin but gives in.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Terry’s attempt to resolve the Duckworth/Clayton feud leaves him with less than he bargained for. Kevin is forced to back down from a confrontation.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,010,000 viewers. This was the lowest-rated episode of the year and was outside of the ITV top ten. It aired opposite the European Cup Final on BBC1.
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