Andrea breaks down and tells Connie she's having a baby. Connie tells her that it's not the end of the world. Andrea doesn't want Terry to know. George promises Brian that he'll be straight with Ivy and look after her. Michelle and Kevin agree to be friends. She tells him that Andrea is pregnant and Terry is the father. Connie tells Harry that Andrea is pregnant. He is furious and wants to kill Terry. Sue gets the job at Elliston's Bakery. Ivy is upset when George jokes about marrying in a Registry office. Kevin tells Terry that Andrea is pregnant.


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Percy Sugden: "There are folk in this fair land of ours, Miss Riley, who are hellbent on taking away life's most precious possession - childhood. The age of innocence. Look at 'em today, the kids. Five-year olds using language I'd never heard of til I were twenty. Throwing stones, vandalising, spraying black paint all over t'place, ganging up on teachers. They even have em carrying banners in flamin' processions, going on strike. I tell you I were passing Bessie Street Juniors t'other day on the bus and there were two fellas handing out political leaflets to kids (motioning) 'that high'. If I could have got down them steps I'd have throttled the pair of em."


Deirdre Barlow: "Well, here endeth the first lesson."

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