Episode 2541
Episode 2541
Production code P694/1541
ITV transmission date 7th August 1985 (Wednesday)
Stories by Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Ann Dabinett
Director Nicholas Ferguson
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 5th August 1985
Next episode 12th August 1985


Hilda worries about the roof but feels she can't tell anyone. Frank Mills treated Bet like a lady and made her feel important. She's sorry that he's returning to Blackpool. Betty discovers that Bet cashed him a cheque. Martin tells Ken that he should report on the local sport fixtures in the Weatherfield Recorder. Martin agrees to give him a report on the local football every week. Percy thinks he got his stomach upset from eating at the cafe. Jack takes up his cause. Frank decides to stay around for a while. To sort Percy out, Gail sends Phyllis round as compensation, to nurse him until he's better. He suddenly swears that he's better. Frank mixes cocktails at the Rovers. Bet tells him that he's welcome to her spare room. Hilda disappears.


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Guest castEdit



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