Alf has an architect look over the shop. Brian buys a breakdown truck. Vera accuses Andrea of driving Terry off and she asks her to give him a chance. Connie is horrified at the thought of Vera being the baby's grandmother. She tells Vera that it's nothing to do with her. When Vera calls the house a muck-hole, Connie throws her out. Connie decides that they'll have to move away from Weatherfield.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Vera tries to play peacemaker between Andrea and Terry, but she doesn't bargain for Connie Clayton's reaction.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 14,250,000 viewers (5th place). This was the first week in which both episodes of Coronation Street gained lower ratings than an episode of EastEnders although the BARB figures for the latter programme combined the audiences of both the mid-week and Sunday omnibus of the episodes to produce one figure. In addition, this episode of Coronation Street was shown on a Bank Holiday Monday which traditionally led to the programme gaining a lower viewing figure than normal.
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