Alf refuses to serve barmcakes unless they're ordered. Brian feels that George is taking Ivy for granted and dragging his feet. He tells Ivy his opinion. Curly returns from his parents' house to find that Terry has got premises for the business. Jack wants to work at the Rovers permanently. The factory girls complain about Alf's new regime. Deirdre accuses him of being stroppy since the alterations. Terry refuses to pay Curly for the work he did himself whilst Curly was away. Terry asks Rita to rent the Yard to him permanently. She tells him to convince her that the partnership is stable. No.11 goes up for sale. Ivy asks George when they're getting married. He says that he wants to as soon as possible, but not in a church. She refuses to marry in a registry office and is upset that his religion means so little to him.


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