Ivy takes the day off work and tells Gail that she's split with George. Vera rows with Jack in the Rovers and accuses Bet of taking him for a mug. Bet tells Jack that he's fired; she doesn't want Vera shouting in the pub. Phyllis stirs things up between Percy and Sam, telling Percy that Sam let the coach go early and that's why they missed it. Jack is furious that Vera lost him the only job he's ever enjoyed. Gail tells Brian about George and Ivy splitting. Brian tells Ivy the divorce is a stupid reason not to marry George and ruin their happiness. Jack tells Bet he's going to see George Newton to ask if he can stay on.


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Hilda Ogden: "By 'eck, they're like stray cats them Duckworths aren't they? You invite 'em in for a saucer o' milk, they're asleep in yer best chair in front of fire before yer can blink."

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