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Episode 255 (22nd May 1963)

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Episode 255
Production code P228/255
ITV transmission date 22nd May 1963 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Writer John Finch
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Vivian Milroy
Producer Margaret Morris
Previous episode 20th May 1963
Next episode 27th May 1963


Annie makes enquiries and tells Concepta that Harry earns £14 7/6 a week. At Miami Modes, Christine reprimands Elsie for getting a dress on discount for Sheila. Emily and Doreen fall for the new manager, Mr. Cresswell. Harry tells Concepta he earns £13 a week. Elsie tries to give Christine some advice but she tells Elsie that their friendship stops outside the shop. Swindley tells the girls Cresswell is only a buyer. Annie gets a letter from Arthur Forsythe-Jones saying he'll be coming up whilst Jack is away fishing.


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