Jack returned from Scotland in the early hours of the morning and is having a lie-in. Annie asks Minnie to be absolutely quiet so as not to disturb him but Jerry creates a noise when he arrives to do some plastering in the select. Lucille has her new summer uniform ready for her return for half-term. Concepta looks forward to Ireland, pushing Harry to see Lucille's headmistress about her move. Val is bored and extracts a promise from Ken to take her out. Annie makes Jack to breakfast in bed but he's already up and suspicious of her efforts. He demands to talk to her about Forsythe-Jones. Dennis receives a postcard from Elsie saying she's gone on a long weekend in Blackpool with a friend. Annie tells Jack there is nothing in her friendship and she's "shattered" that he doubts her. When Arthur arrives, Jack is not pleased to see that he knows his way around the place. Lucille starts back at school. Jerry reads out a postcard from Len in the pub - it's also from Blackpool and Dennis realises that they're together there. Concepta insists to Val that Harry is fully behind their move. Annie is pleased when Jack refuses to go to the theatre with her and Arthur and tells him not to wait up for her. Ena and Minnie see them leave in a taxi. Florrie arranges to look over Concepta's furniture for bargains as they're moving to a furnished house. Jack refuses Dennis's offer of help behind the bar. Ena sees that Harry looks troubled and guesses that his move is the cause. Concepta tells Harry she will brook no arguments about their move. A happy Annie returns at one o'clock in the morning, oblivious to Jack's annoyance.


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