Gail tells Brian she thinks that he's right; they should go to Australia for Nicky's sake. She tells Brian to tell Ivy and breaks the news to Audrey. Audrey tells her that it's her life to do with what she wants to. With Hilda in Torquay, Kevin is set upon by Terry and Sally to hold a party at No.13. Terry chats Gloria up and invites her to the party. She agrees. Vera picks up her Nova. She is amazed by Jack's winning slogan: "My husband is husband of the year because right from the day we were married he has made my life one long honeymoon." Vera announces she's going to learn to drive. Sally tells Kevin that she's going to spend the night with him. Martin is flattered to be invited to Kevin's party but he is only asked as he works in the cafe. Gloria dresses up for Terry's party, she is horrified to find it's at No.13 with a load of kids. Audrey puts her foot in it by telling Ivy about the Tilsleys' emigrating.


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