Brian sets off to Edinburgh despite Gail begging him not to go; she doesn't trust herself. Hilda tells Kevin that Sally must leave, immediately; they've misused her house. Gail takes time off work to go out with Ian. Jack offers to give Vera driving lessons planning to undermine her confidence. Elsie Seddon tracks Sally down and demands she hand over her dole money so she can buy Eddie Seddon beer. Hilda witnesses this and is shocked that the Seddons care so little for Sally. Gail enjoys Ian's impulsiveness. He takes Nicky and her off to Blackpool. Gail tells him she's bored of her routine. Hilda tells Sally she can stay until she finds somewhere else to live; she doesn't want Sally to have to live with her father. Gail tells Ian she'd like him to spend the night with her. He does.


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Gail Tilsley: "My life's all about struggling through, settling for what I've got."

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