Brian returns from Edinburgh. He finds Gail distant and swears to her that he didn't play around. Vera thinks Terry should have Alan charged with assault but Terry just wants to forget all about it. Rita is frightened by Alan's aggressiveness. She is upset that he's so like Len in that respect. Gail makes Ian uncomfortable by wanting to continue the affair even though Brian is back. She stuns Audrey by telling her she loves Ian and isn't going to put off by danger. Ian tells Gail that he isn't prepared to carry on the affair. Audrey tells Brian he should take more of an interest in Gail. Alan apologises to Gloria for hitting Terry. He explains that he has a two-year suspended sentence for assault still hanging on him. Ian tells Gail he's cutting his visit short and is returning to Australia. She is stunned and declares her love for him. He tells her that they would never work out together.


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