Bet fears that she's going to be blamed for the fire by the brewery. Alec gets Sam to buy barm cakes from Alf's shop for 50p which he sells at the club for £1 each. Bet is surprised when George Newton doesn't dwell on the fire but tells her that the brewery now plan to renovate the pub. Jack is relieved that he's not going to be blamed. Gloria wants to celebrate the Rovers' reopening with Alan. He has to let her down to go with the newsagents' dance with Rita. Jenny tells him that he's an idiot going out with Rita and not Gloria. Alan and Rita have a wonderful evening together. Afterwards Rita instigates a kiss and Alan responds. She refuses to let him into the house but tells him there will be other nights. Alec is annoyed to hear the Rovers will be renovated. Gloria waits for Alan to return. When he does she tells him that she still wants to celebrate. He succumbs to her and goes into her flat.


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