Susan decides to sack Sally as she's useless but Hilda returns to work. Sally returns to the Yard. She gets upset when she hears Hilda bad-mouthing her work behind her back. Alan doesn't know how to cope with seeing both Rita and Gloria. Gloria lets Rita know that she's become very close to Alan. Rita is shocked. Ivy reluctantly agrees to go to The Pink Flamingo nightclub with Vera and Shirley. Sally decides she's had enough of Hilda. She packs and returns home. Kevin blames Hilda. Alan takes Rita for a meal at the Baldwins' flat. She makes it clear she knows that he's seeing Gloria. Ivy gets drunk and gets on stage with the male stripper. He gives her his briefs and she takes them home with her. Alan tells Rita that he likes both Gloria and her. Rita tells him to grow up and decide which one of them he wants.


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