Betty isn't happy when Bet interviews barmaids in her house. Sally is interviewed but storms off in anger when Betty makes it clear that she doesn't like having her in the house. Betty warns Bet not to employ Sally - she's too hard faced. Alf decides to make the peace with Hilda before Percy alerts the press. He offers Hilda £20 compensation and Audrey to make her hair better. Sally is pleased when Bet gives her a part-time job at the Rovers. Bet tells Jack it's obvious that he's happy at the Graffiti Club so she won't need his services at the Rovers. Alec is annoyed to hear that Jack wants to return to the Rovers and sacks him for lack of loyalty. Audrey puts Hilda's hair right. Alf tells her that he's not prepared to cope with any more problems - he's closing the Salon. Betty is hurt when Bet reveals the brewery are glad she's retired; they weren't keen on re-employing her as she's too old. Gail tells Brian she wants an abortion. He refuses to let her have one so she tells him that Ian Latimer could be the father.


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Jack Duckworth: "What can we do for ya?"
Bet Lynch: "Well for a start you can give us a gin and tonic. It's like the Sahara Desert round 'ere without the Rovers."
Alec Gilroy: "Ice and lemon?"
Bet Lynch: "Yes please. I didn't ask for it 'cos I thought you only had ice in winter."
Alec Gilroy: "Oh no, we actually grow our own lemons darlin' ... in the conservatory."
Bet Lynch: "Well you could definitely grown your own mushrooms darlin' ... it's dark enough!"

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