Episode 2657
Production code P694/1657
ITV transmission date 17th September 1986 (Wednesday)
Story associates Paul Abbott
Barry Hill
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Roy Graham
Director Eva Kolouchová
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 15th September 1986
Next episode 22nd September 1986


Susan tells Vera she's sorry that she's lost her job but she had nothing to do with it. Vera believes her. Susan tells Mike that Vera has apologised for jumping to conclusions and should be re-employed. Mike tells her that it's his decision - it's his factory. Kevin feels that nobody cares for him anymore. Sally tells him that she does and always will. Mike decides to re-employ Vera, telling her that she has Susan to thank. Vera is grateful. Ivy finally has enough of everyone gossiping about Brian and Gail. She leaves work in tears. Vera comforts her. Susan asks Mike if she can work at the factory but he doesn't like this idea. Kevin tells Sally that his family is moving to Germany. He feels alienated and asks Sally to marry him. She is stunned but agrees.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




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