Curly refuses to speak to Emily over the insurance. Sally tells Kevin that he should go into partnership with Brian. Gail tells Brian he can take Nicky to York. He agrees with her that in future he'll make arrangements with her. Emily feels guilty about Curly not being insured and makes him accept a cheque for £440 - the money he still owes on Hire Purchase. Kevin finds he can't ask Brian about a partnership whilst at work so invites him round for a meal. Derek tells Mavis that Neville Hawthorne is suspicious so she has to put in an order for stationery. Derek assures her it will only be paperwork and he's put one in on her behalf, just for appearances' sake. Terry doesn't know how he's going to pay for the repairs on the van. When he hears that Emily has given Curly £440, Terry intends to get it out of him.


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